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Welcome to Pyramids Dahabiya!
Saile on The Nile.

The greatest place to experience Egypt's natural beauty and blend of ancient and modern cultures is Dahabiya. Along with seeing local markets, walking through Egyptian villages, and, of course, visiting stunning temples and tombs while on the voyage, it allows you to experience Egyptian culture firsthand. You will get to sample authentic Egyptian cuisine prepared with fresh materials (vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish) purchased from the nearby villages where we used to stay. History: The house boat, or Dahabiya, has a long history in Egypt dating back to the time when the royal family and other nobility used it as means of transportation since it was comfortable and safe. It all began in the 18th and 19th centuries, when western explorers started delving treasures into Egypt's buried. In the past, wealthy European families and nobility would travel to Egypt to take advantage of the country's pleasant winters. They would utilize the sailboat, Dahabiya, to see the country's temples and run in the contemporary Dahabiya. Even in this moment and age, Dahabiya is still the best option for people seeking luxury, quietness, culture, adventure, and comfort.


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